Happy Song #2 (Zombie Goat Version)

from by O Fidelis



The story of what you are about to hear is as tragic as it is disturbing...

It was an All Hallows' Eve nearly two years ago when the devastating news came that Laney's pet goat Stevie had been attacked by a rabid stray dog out on the Coker family farm. We rushed to be by her side but by the time we got there, the goat was long gone. Heartbroken and shocked, we decided to bury her under a special tree where Laney had spent many an afternoon, feeding her by hand and soaking in the warm country air. Stevie was buried with several items that had brought her joy in her all too short life, including a compact disc with a recording of Happy Song #2 (you should have seen her dance when Laney sang this to her... it was a sight to behold).

Then one year later to the day of that tragic event, Stevie being nothing but a fond memory, we received another frantic call...

We arrived to the sight of our family crowded around the tree where Stevie was buried. As we approached, we could see that the grave had been disturbed. The large hole beneath the tree was wide open, Stevie was gone, and there were small, barely visible hoof prints leading away from the grave for a few yards before disappearing entirely. The only thing left was the CD we had made with Happy Song #2 on it.

This is what we heard when we played it back...


from A Trick or Treat EP, released October 30, 2013



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O Fidelis Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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